Vizilite Oral Cancer Screening

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Did you know that over 45,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer this year?

Did you know that the death rate for oral or pharyngeal cancer is actually higher than the more “popular” types of cancer that we hear about frequently (cervical cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, ovarian cancer, thyroid cancer, etc.)?

Did you know that the death rate is so high because the cancer is usually not found or diagnosed until the very late stages?

The main reason that oral cancer is not detected until it has reached the late stages is because currently there’s no program in place to screen for it.  Many of us have no problem going for our annual mammogram’s, prostate exams, colonoscopy screenings, pap smears, etc., but what about screenings for the lesser known but just as deadly (if not more) cancers?

I’m sure all of us have been touched by at least one person in our lives who have had some type of cancer.  Think about how many people’s lives could be saved or spared if their cancers were detected early enough.  Oral cancer is no different.

Here at Charmoy Dental we offer early detection oral cancer screenings called ViziLite.  With ViziLite, our dentists will be able to see abnormal tissues which are otherwise invisible to the naked eye.  Your oral cancer screening is done in a painless and fast manner and is usually performed during your dental examination.  Our dentists will give you the ViziLite solution which you will swish around in your mouth for about 60 seconds with the lights off or dimmed.  Our dentists will then pass the ViziLite specialized light over your mouth to look for abnormal tissue.  ViziLite will detect both malignant and benign abnormalities, so don’t panic if your screening came back positive.  Our dentists will tell you their professional opinions which may be to see a specialist if you get a positive result.

Some dental insurances will cover this oral cancer screening while some will not.  If yours doesn’t, you can submit it to your medical insurance and see if they will reimburse you for this screening.  The screening costs $65.00 out of pocket if it is not covered by insurance.  But remember, you can’t put a price on your life!

Early detection of oral cancer saves lives.  When caught early, oral cancer is one of the most treatable cancers out there!  Anyone 18 years of age and older is encouraged to get an early detection oral cancer screening once per year.  As we start off this new year and make resolutions to diet, exercise, and be overall more healthy, do yourself a favor and make yourself an appointment today for your next dental examination and oral cancer screening by calling us at 973-584-0008.