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White Spots On Teeth

Offering Treatment for White Spots on Teeth in Randolph, NJ

Did you notice white spots on your teeth the last time you looked in the mirror? These spots often result from not brushing and flossing enough—especially when wearing braces—or from consuming foods and beverages that are acidic or high in sugar. Other potential causes include sleeping with your mouth open, taking antibiotics, consuming too much fluoride, and having acid reflux or a condition that causes nutritional deficiencies.

At Charmoy Dental, we strive to provide each patient with a highly individualized treatment experience, offering solutions that are tailored to their specific condition and goals. Depending on the severity of the white spots on your teeth, we may recommend:

  • Composite fillings
  • Crowns
  • Microabrasion
  • Remineralization paste
  • Resin placement
  • Sealants
  • Teeth whitening
  • ical gels
  • Veneers

White spots on teeth can often be a sign of tooth decay, so it’s important to seek treatment before the issue progresses into a more serious problem. Contact Charmoy Dental Associates today to request an appointment at our nearby office, which you’ll find at 924 NJ-10 West in Randolph, NJ.


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