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Are you neglecting your dental health because you have no insurance? Stop now, with our Care to Smile Program...

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Charmoy Dental is Comfortable, Caring Dentistry

Find out why we were voted Best Dentist in Morris County three times and counting, by the readers of the Daily Record...

Here at Charmoy Dental in Randolph, NJ

We are fully committed to putting our experience and skill to work for you to provide the best in preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Our patient-centered staff is proud to bring you the highest standard of service and care available, all with the end result in mind… a healthy, beautiful smile.

In our convenient, state-of-the art office, we strive to offer our patients quality dental care in a warm and relaxing atmosphere, while using the latest in technology and techniques. Starting from the initial assessment, we will always be available to make sure your experience with our office is an optimal one and look forward to exceeding your expectations.

A toothache doesn't wait, why should you? Call your Randolph, NJ Dentist today, and be seen today!

From the minute I walked in the door, Charmoy Dental proved itself to be the antidote to my dental nightmares of years past. I was presented with a very professional and understandable treatment plan that included estimated costs. You guys are a “fearful” dental patient’s dream!

- M. E. Xiques

The total experience was very nice.
The staff treated us like we had been their friends and patients forever.
My family looks forward to coming for their checkups.

- Lynn S.

I called Charmoy Dental on a recent Saturday because I woke up during the night with a toothache and my dentist was out of town. They did the root canal that day for me to get me out of pain and I was able to keep my plans for the evening. I will definitely be switching my family to this office.

- Carli B.

Cosmetic Dentistry

The smile you envision can be a reality. We make it our first priority. From simply brightening your teeth to complete smile makeovers, we are ready to provide you with whatever aesthetic means necessary to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

 Referral Program

Charmoy Dental Associates "Care To Share Referral Program." When you find something out of the share it with those you care about! We strive to offer you and your family an enjoyable dental experience, the very best that dentistry has to offer. We are grateful for your referrals of family and friends and we don't take that responsiblity lightly. For every new patient you refer and is seen at our practice, you will receive a $25 gift card of your choice to thank you for your confidence in us.

 Emergency Dentist in Randolph,  NJ

We are also available for emergency dentist appointments - see your Randolph, NJ dentist for emergencies, also in Succasunna, Roxbury, Morris Plains and Jefferson Township areas.

Our Doctors

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Dr. Michael Schultz

Dr. Laura Castro

Dr. Rosalie Silvestri

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