Dental Insurance…Use It or Lose It!

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As we begin to enter another season of “busy-ness”, it’s easy to push certain things to the wayside. I get it. Your calendars are full, your kids’ calendars are even fuller. There’s holiday shopping, grocery shopping, meal planning, holiday plays, holiday events, parties, and much more to contend with. Who wants (or has) the time to take out of their busy schedules to go to the dentist? What if I told you that during this money-draining season that you were literally taking your hard earned cash and throwing it in the garbage? Because by not utilizing your dental benefits that you’re paying into throughout the year, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Many dental insurances/plans will give you a set dollar amount that you can spend on your dental care each year. Unfortunately, these “dental dollars” do not roll over into the next year so if you don’t use them during the year, guess what? You guessed it – you will lose them for good! Most dental insurances will require you to meet 100% of your annual deductible come the New Year so why not utilize your benefits now for this year? Is there a procedure or service that you keep putting off? Whitening? Crown? Fillings? Now is the perfect time to make your appointment and be seen before your insurance allowance resets in January. Most insurances also cover two teeth cleanings and exams per year.

What most patients don’t understand or know about their dental insurance is that by not using it throughout the year, dental insurance companies actually make money (lots of it!) off of you. In other words, it’s like walking around with a wad of cash in your pocket that has a big hole.

Here’s another thing to keep in mind. Try to think back to your Open Enrollment last year with your employer. Remember that Flexible Spending Account that sounded so great so you signed up for it but didn’t actually use all (if any) of it throughout this year? That too can help supplement whichever service/procedure you need before the end of the year. The same thing applies with this account: if you don’t use the money that you put into it by the end of the year, you lose that money.

You work hard for your money and I would hate to see you throw it away. Give us a call today at Charmoy Dental {973-584-0008} and let us give you a gift this holiday season by making your next appointment for you and make sure your benefits don’t get thrown out. It’s up to you…use it or lose it!